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FUNiX is a University of FPT Education, 100% Internet-based, offering basic courses such as “Introduction to IoT”, “Population” … to specialize in Information Technology such as “Blockchain”, “Automotive Programming” … FUNiX recognizes credits, certificates and University degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training and FPT Corporation!

FUNiX – The opportunity is ready for you to enter the IT, no matter what level you start.

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What to study at FUNiX?

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Funix way

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FUNiX Way is the operation of FUNiX University “on the cloud”, a new method of teaching and learning online, a new model formed by information technology and community connection.

FUNiX Way uses online learning materials (for example MOOC), shared connectivity of the business community, and remote student support methods, to ensure learning quality as well as dynamic retention. force, with tuition fees consistent with the majority of learners.

FUNiX Way can be summarized into several main points:


The lecture system based on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) is the research and lectures of leading experts from around the world. The materials are FUNiX filtered, gathered and updated into a system of lectures according to subject objectives. At the same time, lectures are supported with Vietsub and only need 1 device connected to the network can start learning.

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Mentoring: During the course of studying and doing homework, whenever students have problems, they can connect 1: 1 for free with Mentor to seek help immediately. Mentors FUNiX is not only teachers but also thousands of experts of leading companies in Vietnam’s IT industry.

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Hannah: Along with Mentor, Hannah is a friend, companion and support student to keep pace and inspire learning. Hannah can confide in helping students find answers to their problems

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Great exercises reviewed by Mentor: The practice is done entirely online. The test is organized in the form of an online quiz, creating favorable conditions for students to take the initiative.

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FUNiX encourages students to ASK repeatedly, help students gain autonomy (access to experts, capture job opportunities, time and study progress) right from the school chair. After finishing the curriculum, students not only form the foundation knowledge but also practice active manners in study, work and life.

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FUNiX Way is developed on the basis of 15 principles by Professor Richard Muller of Berkley University USA, with the ambition to provide a quality training program and price in Vietnam.

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FUNiX Way has been recognized by leading IT companies in Vietnam such as FPT, Tinh Van, Momo, Tiki and Universities such as Hanoi National University, Thang Long University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, HCM University of Technology and Education …

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